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“I've met Ella, personnel with warm & pleasant attitude when serving. Plus her patience is appreciated”

From Ms Chen (Ref: FB09394)

“It was a refreshing experience with the helpful staff serving me. Thanks Ella.”

From Ms Tan (Ref: FB09085)

“Concierge Ambassador explains clearly the benefits & promotions being a member. Ms Farah was very helpful to resolve problems arise.”

From Ms Go (Ref: FB09318)

“The service from the Concierge is very efficient, friendly and helpful. Especially Farah.”

From Ms Connie (Ref: FB08861)

Nervin is very helpful and friendly; she makes us a great day after we finish shopping at Epi-Center. Thank you so much.”

From Ms Michelle (Ref: FB09156)

Nervin was friendly and had a service with smile. Sweet voice too.”

From Mr Roy (Ref: FB08781)

“The girl Angie at the Sistic counter is very nice and patience. Professional in doing her job.”

From Mr Thor (Ref: FB09192)  

Angie was very polite and helpful with all my request despite it being close to closing time for the counter. Thank you Angie for such a pleasant service!)”

From Ms Norhayati (Ref: FB08987)

Juliana at the SISTIC counter was friendly and helpful even when I asked too many questions. Much appreciated.”

From Ms Rebecca (Ref: FB08742)

“Great service & helpful staff. Juliana was friendly and quick in serving me.”

From Ms May (Ref: FB09055)

Zaneta was extremely friendly and excellent with customer service. Keep up the good work.”

From Mr Tong (Ref: FB09092)

Zaneta is super friendly and helpful. I like her attentive service for shoppers like me. I hope to come here more often and get great deals.”

From Mr Ng (Ref: FB08692)

Aimi is the staff assisting me in the purchase and she is very helpful and chatty. Makes the whole process very sweet & pleasant. A good staff to keep. She is very happy in her job as well and it passes on to her customers.”

From Ms Yeo (Ref: FB09080)

“Very polite & helpful staff!  Thanks for the great service, Aimi.”

From Ms Liao (Ref: FB08674)

“Good customer service by Jerrymie as always.”

From Ms Law (Ref: FB09061)

“Love the experience! At the concierge desk, was served by Jerrymie.”

From Mr Sim (Ref: FB08912)

“Excellent service provided by staff Faiz. Very warm and knowledgeable person. True ambassador of your mall. Keep it up!”

From Ms Chia (Ref: FB09025)

“I was served by Faiz. He is very friendly and courteous. This made me feel very welcome as a customer.”

From Ms Lua (Ref: FB08549)

“The feel is good. Staffs are very helpful and friendly. I was greeted with warmth and a sweet smile from the customer service at the information counter. Very friendly.”

From Ms Ng (Ref: FB08994)

“The counter service was helpful and well suffices of customer information and my queries.”

From Mr Ivan (Ref: FB09119)



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