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Kenneth Shoji founded Arabica from a need to have an amazing cup of coffee every day, with an equally amazing experience.In order to provide the best coffee possible, Kenneth Shoji, started a green bean trading company and became the sole-exporter of a small batch Japanese roasting machine called the Tornado King. As well as a distributor of one of the TOP espresso machines in the world, the ‘Slayer’.

Together with world latte art champion, Junichi Yamaguchi, they both collaborated in order to make a new generation coffee brand in Kyoto that would challenge the world. With the help of the remarkably talented architect, Masaki Kato. Kenneth opened in Hong Kong, and then the beautiful historical city of Kyoto.

With its unique design and quality coffee, Arabica has rapidly gained popularity in an industry thought to be already saturated. Through the brand, coffee drinkers can “See the world through Coffee”, with prime quality coffee with unique taste profiles and a richness that you can only get from freshly roasted coffee to a meticulously roasted roast profile.

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