Health & Safety

Incident & Injury Free
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Incident & Injury Free is a value-based approach to managing health and safety, promoting the idea that doing the right thing to prevent injuries is also the smart thing in a business perspective.

This safety culture is evident in 313@somerset with the introduction of safety initiatives including:

  • Three levels of the shopping centre have carpet as the public mall space finish
  • The ground level flooring has flamed granite with a slip resistance well above the code
  • In all Food & Beverage precincts where tables and chairs can be pushed up against the void balustrades, the glass balustrades heights have been raised to 1400mm high
  • All escalators with fall potential above 2m have additional raised glass balustrades
  • Escalator skirting lights and footprints on the escalator treads to improve safety for children and the visually impaired


Lendlease will operate Incident & Injury Free and we are committed to realizing this wherever we have a presence.

This philosophy reaches every part of the Group’s operations and it extends to clients, suppliers, subcontractors and other stakeholders.