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Blé de Fonty  

Born in the bustling heartland of Singapore in 2016, Blé de Fonty is a pioneering skincare brand, proudly brought to life by a group of passionate INSEAD alumni. United by a collective vision to craft enduring beauty, we introduced our 'Singapore Must-Have' Miracle Pearls, which swiftly gained popularity amongst celebrities for their superior quality, efficacy, and sustainability. 

Inspired by the richness of Fontainebleau wheat, we've meticulously designed a range of skincare products that are fresh, effective, and safe. As a Singaporean brand, we take immense pride in shining the spotlight on beauty, while delivering sustainable, world-class skincare solutions to people all around the globe.

Over the years, Blé de Fonty has beautifully evolved, leveraging our profound industry knowledge and experience to craft an exclusive product line. Our flagship offering – the Miracle Pearls – are unique, serum-infused capsules meticulously customized for diverse skin types and needs. Renowned for their innovative design, potent efficacy, and supreme quality, these captivating capsules have etched their recognition on the canvas of the skincare world.

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