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SV Style House

We are a group of 3 different brands that pride ourselves in being trendsetters and gamechangers. With the leading and most prominent salon, Salon Vim, followed by Mi The Salon and most recently SV Style House. When it comes to hair technology, we have sophisticated techniques such as Texture Control and Air Touch Technique (formerly known as Balayage). In addition, we have a full range of high quality hair and scalp treatments that have proven to be effective in hair care.

Everybody is unique and so is your hair. Our customised services and consultation ensures that your every need is well taken care of and best suited for you, and you only. We believe that customers have the right to choose and understand what goes into their hair services. We provide a detailed analysis and transparency to educate our customers and give them confidence in us.

As homegrown brand, SV Style House is looking to propel this new concept further and possible expand in Singapore and Asia.

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